This blog is dedicated to my involvement in the cloth-diapering, babywearing, kinda crunchy, green, wonderful mama community I have somehow ended up in.

It all started when I was a newlywed and waiting in the public library for my husband. I happened across “Mothering” magazine, loving the natural birth, babycare, and breastfeeding emphasis it had, and it was in those pages I had my introduction to modern cloth diapers.

I’m the 4th of 8, and helped raise the last 3. Some of them wore cloth diapers for a time, from a diaper service. Prefolds, plastic stiff covers, stinky diaper pails, dunking in the toilet… I was not impressed. But these? I could do these. Diaper sprayers, AIOs, dry laundry bags…

I was busy with other things and didn’t have much internet access when I got pregnant, so I figured I’d look into cloth diapers more when the baby was a few months old. And I did… and soon wish I had come to this world a lot sooner! I switched completely as soon as I could and haven’t looked back once! Yes, I’m addicted.

To cloth diapers, and trying (almost) every one out there. To babywearing. To natural products. To nourishing babies and mamas. To making friends and caring for each other. To being mamas.

This blog isn’t all there is about me, by any means! I like to keep things organized, so my philosophical Christian apologetic blog is over at http://simplymerry.blogspot.com, my cloth diaper review blog (which is on hold), is at http://clothdiaperscompared.blogspot.com, my photos are at http://bluemelon.com/simplymerry, and my social life is on facebook at http://facebook.com/simplymerry (I do NOT friend random people, fyi). Oh, and my twitter is @simplymerrier. Yah, @simplymerry was taken, darnit.

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