More giveaways

Applecheeks is one of the brands that has stuck around and proven its durability. I’ve heard the size one is awesome for newborns, and I’d love to try it!

Yellow Tennessee is hosting a $25 gift certificate to the Applecheeks store. Yummy. is also hosting a giveaway for an Applecheeks diaper. I’d love a black one!


Boba is one of the baby carriers I keep hearing highly recommended. While I have a handmade mei tai carrier, a buckle carrier that can carry the munchkin for a while yet would be so handy when I have two!

Your Green Baby is hosting a Boba giveaway:

One diaper that seems to have made a big wave since I’ve been around is the Itti Bitti. They sound rather awesome, and I’m a sucker for minky. 😛

Beautifully BellaFaith is hosting a giveaway for a Itti Bitti Tutto:

Oh Katy launched as Katydid and was one of the first cloth diapers I tried.  I sadly had to resell them as they left red marks on munchkin’s chunky thighs.  Due to several like complaints, the elastic was changed (and other changes too i think), and the diaper was relaunched. Since then I’ve heard nothing but good about their diapers and am eager to try them again.

Momma Told Me is hosting a giveaway for a Oh Katy pocket diaper:


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