Back to stash collecting!

So there’s this new little munchkin (perhaps I’ll call it midget to distinguish between them two) coming soon (due January 7). And since munchkin will probably still be in diapers, that means I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH! [cue panic]

We are starting potty training, and he understands the concept, but he doesn’t quite have the awareness and interest yet in communicating when he’s about to go. Although he has mastered letting me know immediately afterwards (for number two), which is I guess a good step in the right direction.

So yes.  Need. more. diapers. And a few newborn ones sure would be sweet. I’ll probably get a bunch of small prefolds and thirsties covers, but a few AIOs would be amazing.

And through the year of cloth diapering since last I posted, I’ve finetuned my stash and figured out what works best for us.  Rumparooz is one of the favorites (the downside being it’s hardest to clean poo out of, abeit for the very reason it will never leak poo).  Tiny Tush surprised me by being a quiet dependable workhorse until one day I realized how great it really was (the pocket… the hemp fitted never won me over, although I still have them in my stash). Preston Pants minkys are still going strong, even though I got them used and have used them consistently – they still look awesome! And Flip is still munchkin’s nighttime diaper, with the ever dependable Babykicks hemp doublers. And there’s a few odd singles about that have earned their right to stick around, like bumGenius elemental and Kissaluvs marvel. I do have a few fitted and AI2 in my stash, but neither system is a favorite, and always avoided by hubby. And I have done some prefolds, and won’t mind doing them if I needed to for financial reasons (thus why I’m looking at them for newborns).

So that’s where we are. Nathaniel’s 22 months and 31lbs (holy smokes), and cloth diapering has been majorly successful. Have had a few hiccups, the latest being leaky diapers in the morning, solved by adding another insert to the designated morning diapers. Another was leaning how to be frugal while using coin-operated – the solution being using the washer twice – first time sans detergent, and skipping the dryer whenever possible and line-drying, either inside or out (yay for elderly landowners who think to put up clotheslines in the laundry room AND backyard).

Anyway, I have entered a few random giveaways lately, but I think it’s time to get my feet wet again. Here and there. With my favorite blogs (which I kept following silently) and favorite diapers, and maybe try out a few new ones. Hi all.


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