Goodbye big ole giveaway blogging world… hello, friends.

I don’t know how other mamas do it with more than one kid.  I barely can keep up with the essentials of life *and* keep up with blogs and giveaways. I’ve won some really cool stuff, found some neat blogs, learned a lot, found some awesome friends, and discovered favorite products and shops that I’m sure to recommend and return to. But I can’t do anything else in a day besides eat, sleep, clean, take care of baby, play with hubby, and keep up with giveaways and the cloth diapering world. There is another project, another community that has been waiting for me, and it’s time to spend my day doing what God has told me to do. My diaper stash is complete at 25 pockets and 4 covers with misc prefolds & inserts…. I know what I like, I have a good stash, and even though there’s brands and types I want to try, and I want more of my favorites… I know this delightful madness doesn’t stop at 40, 50, or 60 diapers. 😉

I’ve learned a lot and plan to do another blogpost soon with rants and tips about giveaways and blogs. But meanwhile, I’m ending subscriptions and clearing out my reader. It’s soo nice to be able to open my google reader and look at each blog, of friends and favorite shops, rather than just be skimming titles. Used to be, on a rushed day, I would skim the titles for the words “giveaway” or “winners” and only read those posts and, with a handful of exceptions, mark everything else read. That sucked. Now I will actually follow blogs. and read them.  That makes me happy. 🙂

And meanwhile, I am secretly building a stash for my preggy sis-in-law. It’s so exciting now that I know what works and what doesn’t. I can tell her how to take care of her diapers and build her stash and why. For example – figuring out what system of diapering works best for her. Pockets are still my favorite. I thought I would go more for AI2s once we had our own place and I did most of the diaper changes, but I change the wriggling kid on the floor wherever we happen to be,  so swapping out a wet insert just doesn’t work.

I’ll still be here, I just won’t be reading many blogs or entering many giveaways. Just following the blogs and people I love. This will be something I do in my extra time, rather than doing everything *else* in my extra time. 😉

But keep following. There’s more to come….


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  1. The Jacobsen Family
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 07:48:06

    Not too long before I’ll be *mostly* done with giveaways, and eventually done altogether. It’s always nice to win for birthday and Christmas gifts. I enter after kids are in bed (nap or night time). Gary is at work during nap and then comes home an hour or so after bedtime. I’ve set limits for myself that I didnt have before, and I need to set more. It’s hard to let go though! LOL! Good for you for being strong!


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