of diapers

So we just moved into our own apartment! *sqee*

Most things are settled… kinda bare on food and missing a few things like pots, so made a store run today and will make a sam’s club run tomorrow. And I’ll be figuring out how to do cloth diapers with coin-operated machines soon (or rather, how to not spend a fortune when using a coin-op).

Nathaniel is switching to solids, and whenever he has a sound meal the day before, he always has a fairly solid number two the next morning. Soon after he gets up and starts playing quietly, he will get still and start grunting away. I so didn’t want to deal with a dirty diaper today, so once he started up, I grabbed him, took his diaper off, and held him over the toilet. Without breaking stride (morning grogginess 🙂 ) he kept grunting away and soon there it was in the toilet, by golly. Boy am I glad I didn’t have to clean a diaper. The sprayer will be hooked up soon, and I just don’t know how people manage to swish (I’ve done it. twice. don’t want to more). Since his body is pretty regular about number two’s (when he’s eating enough solids)… I think I’ll make this a morning tradition!

And then today, my husband surprised me. Not only did he start praising cloth diapers to our new bro-in-law, he tried to convert him before they’re even expecting! His sister (the wife) is already converted, thanks to seeing how easy and great it is for us. And then he said something new in his cloth diaper spiel. “And even if they were more expensive than disposables, I’d still do them.”…. Say what?! Wowzers. Money is what motivated us to make the switch. Now he is completely disgusted by sposies and loves cloth! Yay!  😀


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  1. The Jacobsen Family
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 07:16:05

    Yay for getting settled! It’s always crazy the things you dont think of needing until you’re in your own place. I forgot so much when I got my apartment at 20 yrs old! Crazy!
    Awesome that you got Nathaniel to go in the toilet! I tried putting my babies on every time before shower/bath to get them used to the toilet and had success a few times. They were all trained by 2 yrs old. Not sure if it had anything to do with that, or just lucky, but I’ll do that again this time! =)
    I need a diaper sprayer. Did you guys buy one or “make” your own?


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