Giveaways and events

Katrina at My Life as a Married Girl is hosting a week-long cloth diaper event! And Lulu’s in the Fluff will be there, yay!

And Happily Domestic is having a Celebrate the Joys of Homemaking event, which is rather timely as we just got an apartment (yay!):

And yes, once again, a few giveaways to blog about:

Me and My Boys is having their Summer of Fluff event

Preston’s Pants — I LOVE these diapers. I have two minky larges, and i so want a minky one-size. these are incredibly soft and cute. šŸ™‚

Nifty Nappy — I’m a bit scared of wool, but Nifty Nappy keeps beckoning…

Wee Little Changes Tiny Tush — Tiny Tush Elite is awesome. I only have one, and I so want another! or two! Chocolate and Kelly Green, please! Btw, Wee Little Changes is an awesome cloth diaper store!

My Little Legs — I need more babylegs. I only have 4. Nuff said.

Mama B is still running her Mama Essentials event, and I have my eye on the My Baby Nest baby carrier giveaway – all I have is a piece of cloth for wrap carriers and it is totally the wrong kind of fabric, I’m finding out. This carrier looks so easy, too, which is a big plus for others who will wear baby!

Then Babywearing Videos, which I’m just beginning to tap the vast knowledge base, has a Sleep Wrap giveaway – I like the stretchy-ness of the fabric, and a good fabric to use while figuring out all those ties would be soo helpful!

And then Loving My Life Reviews is hosting an Applecheeks giveaway – whoot, one of my favorite diapers! And because I need to go to bed and can’t think of anything more to say, about this giveaway or anything else, I will leave you with this picture of Nathaniel in an Applecheeks!

And sorry for the repetitive boring giveaway-entries blogposts. Yuck. I have something I do want to blog about, but that’s for another time…


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