Somehow when I first heard of KAMsnaps and glanced at their site, I thought they only offered the $80 snap press… a wonderful addition to my sewing tools, but definitely not in the budget. Then, when Becca wrote her review, she showed the pliers they have — hurrah! they can only do plastic snaps, but hey, that’s a-ok! I would love to get these. As I think about it, I see more and more I could do with snap pliers. First, I would replace all the velcro on my baby’s bibs with snaps – only one bib in the lot has snaps, sheesh! Then I would make mama cloth! Then I would foray into the world of cloth diaper making… that would be fun! I’ve sewed a lot (just finished my first wedding dress- that was QUITE the undertaking) and I am intrigued… Doubt I would sell, because there are so many many many diaper companies and WAHMs out there. Unless I come up with an innovative design. 😉

Anyhowz, there are THREE gift certificate giveaways going on right now to KAMsnaps!! One is on their blog:


One is on THE cloth diapering blog:


And one is on a cloth-diapering mama’s blog, who is branching out into selling cloth diapers on etsy! (of course, some with snaps!)



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