My favorite cloth diapers

So I’ve been cloth diapering long enough that I have definite favorites now. My stash needed to be very user-friendly, because his aunts and uncle change him often. I also wanted durability. So I geared my stash to one-size snaps… mostly pockets and a few AIOs. I have a few AI2s because I like those better… and I’ve even been discovering the prefold love lately! Anyhow. Here are my favorites so far:


Rumparooz… it’s not a question of what’s to love. It’s a question of what’s not to love. It fits fantastic. I think the only time we had a leak was user-error (the diaper wasn’t closed right). When I didn’t have enough diapers, I used these for nighttime with a hemp doubler and knew I won’t have a leak. I was so happy when I was able to rescue them from the nighttime stash because they are so stinking cute! I love the suedecloth inner – i like that better than the typical microfleece. And of course the inner gussets are standing ovation.

Applecheeks… trim! bamboo! soft! fit! and COMFY! I’m sure these are the most comfortable diaper baby has… lots of other diapers look so uncomfortable around the thigh, but this one just looks right. And they are cute. I think they top Rumparooz in cuteness… which isn’t supposed to be possible.

Flip… bulletproof. My nighttime diaper. Nuff said.

Also-Favorites, aka Runners Up:

Tiny Tush Elite: This was the other pocket that got delegated to nighttime duty where I knew it won’t spring a leak. It looks like so many of the other typical pockets, but for some reason, it outperforms them.

Preston’s Pants: I love minky.

Fuzzibunz: The downside to one-sizes is the annoying snap-down rise. Fuzzibunz has inner adjustable elastic. This makes for a much neater fit. It took me a bit to figure out the triangular snapping, but once I learned you do the bottom snap first, it became super easy! I might have had a few leaks while learning the fit, but they are my dependable workhorse now. I’m kinda sad to see the old colors go. I only have a few of them, but I so love the butter. But I have my eye on the watermelon! Oh, and I had a dud once, and Fuzzibunz customer service was very nice and generous, even enclosing some of their gorgeously soft wipes with my replacement. These are so wonderful I use them for eating washcloths instead!

Bum Essentials: Natural fabrics, whoot! I love the way this fits and I really like this AI2 set up. I would definitely add more of these to my stash… a) once we have our own place so i’m doing most of the changing, b) once they decide to add snaps. Actually… trying this out has made me want to try out Softbums… which DOES have a snap version finally, AND has adjustable inner elastic, so Bum Essentials better watch out or they will be trounced.

Here are a few of the diapers that didn’t make the cut:

Happy Heinys – this one quickly left my stash. For all the snaps, I had trouble getting a good fit. And troubles with leaks.

Knickernappies – I had such a hard time doing side snaps, and so since this stash needs to be user-friendly, it had to go. I also had leakage, which might have been due to improper fit due to snapping issues…

Katydids – gave baby red marks on the thighs and back. It didn’t fit right for a while. The pocket flap was annoying, both for number #2s (baby still has messy liquid ones) and laundry day. The blue twilight color sure is beautiful though.

Haute Pocket – several leaks. Red marks.

Tweedlebug – leaks.

BabyKicks – I really wanted to love this diaper… natural fabrics rock. But the side-snapping was a bit challenging (better than KN) and it definitely wasn’t a one-size.

Baby Kangas – I liked the zipper pockets initially, but then they just got annoying. Red marks occasionally and the elastic didn’t look comfortable.

Smartipants – I can see why people would like the way they did pockets, but I just wasn’t a fan. Easy to use and fit, though.

Thirsties Duo Diaper – the velcro ruins this. If they came out with a snap version, I think I’d like it. Not love, but like. I do like the leg gussets, and the open pocket on both ends is nice… if the inserts weren’t so long. I liked that they include a hemp doubler… but didn’t like that the microfiber insert shrunk and so they snapped together weird. When I asked baby’s aunt if there were any diapers she didn’t like, this was the one she pointed out – she continually had trouble getting a good fit with the velcro and front elastic playing off each other.

I’m keeping on hand a Bella Bottoms Incredibella because although I can’t figure out if it’s a favorite, it stil is very dependable and very different. And I recently got a Kissaluvs Marvel AIO which so far I’m rather liking. There are a few diapers I still want to try. bumGenius organic AIO, Softbums, and Best Bottoms come to mind. And I’m holding onto my BG 3.0 AIO because there’s nothing to complain about, and it’d be perfect to hand to a babysitter because there is no learning curve between that and a disposable, besides that you don’t throw this one away. 😛 Oh, and holding onto my GroBaby because I really like the cover’s design and material, and want to try it out as a newborn cover. Oh, and my Bottombumpers, even though it’s sized AND side-snapping, I’ve never had trouble with it and somehow just love it.

Anyway… all that said, of course I have my eye on some of the giveaways out there…

Home Grown Families is running a Cover The Booty event, and there are giveaways to three of my favorites!! Rumparooz, Applecheeks, and Tiny Tush! Whoot!

Mama B is running a really fun Mama Essentials event, including cloth diapers. Of course they’re a mama essential! She has giveaways for Applecheeks, Tiny Tush, and Top To Bottom Baby Boutique gift certificate (love that diaper shop!).

Maxwell Designs, a really friendly shop that makes me want to buy just from sheer nice-ness, has recently decided to start carrying cloth diapers, and Applecheeks is their first (only?). Some lucky winners in the future, they each will give away an Applecheeks and wet bag on their respective blogs:  Maxwell Designs’ blog & Illana of Applecheeks‘ blog

Mama Lovebug is having a Blogiversary event (1 year) and she is having an Applecheeks and a Fuzzibunz giveaway!

Bum Essentials is hosting two giveaways currently (there’ve been a lot lately! tailend now). One on Dirty Diaper Laundry, one of my favorite cloth diaper blogs; and another on Familylicious Reviews. I would love to have another and see if I can win over people to AI2s. 🙂

My New Life as Mom is having a really fun Fluffy Bottoms cloth diapers event. Fluff Galore! Among her current giveaways is Fuzzibunz, a Bottombumpers pail liner (need another!), and a Green Acres Designs diaper… which is another diaper I *really* want to try. 🙂

Softbums is giving away one of their new CHOCOLATE diapers! oooohhh!

And a newly discovered blog, The Review Stew, is hosting a giveaway from one of my favorite shops… Wee Little Changes! It’s a giveaway to a $20 gift certificate, to put towards the reviewed bumGenius organic AIO, or another diaper. I think I’d go for the BG.

And there’s a new cloth diaper detergent on the block… Lulu’s in the Fluff! I want to win some! The Cloth Diaper Report (another big and favorite cloth diaper blog) is hosting a giveaway, and so is 29 Diapers, which is rapidly becoming another top favorite cloth diaper blog!

And finally, two *nursing* lingerie giveaways I would so love!

The Girl is a Mom is hosting a Passion Spice lingerie giveaway, and Hip Little One, a cool Aussie blog, is hosting a Cake Lingerie giveaway!


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  1. Tiffany
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 12:55:30

    I haven’t tried nearly as many brands as you have, but the BumGenius AIO diapers are a clear winner at our house. They are SO user-friendly! I know when my m-i-l visits in late July she will love them (and she is slightly horrified that we use cloth)!


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