Cloth Diapering (stash photos!)

Both for readers enjoyment and my documentation, here are a few pictures of my cloth diaper stash growing… enjoy. 🙂

3/23 (a few days into cloth diapering)

L-R – white Haute Pocket (bought used off ClothDiaperNation), vanilla GroBaby (Petite Bottoms, gave a generous discount), 2 orange Baby Kangas (used – ClothDiaperNation), sage OS Fuzzibunz (Suburban Tree Hugger, gave a generous discount), green Tweedlebugs (Wee Little Changes – with contest discount), twilight Katydid ( also got melon, which was on baby), and 2 black Baby Kangas (used – ClothDiaperNation. got these with the orange along with some hemp prefolds from an awesome mama “mom2jjorion“).

3/30 (yes, only a week later…  I was awaiting a LOT of diapers in the mail)

L-R – Haute Pocket, GroBaby, Baby Kanga, melon Katydid, butter Fuzzibunz (Mothering Grace blog win), sage Fuzzibunz, grasshopper bumGenius 3.0 in medium (Mothering coupon, Abby’s Lane), Tweedlebug, meadow Thirsties duo diaper (Mothering Grace blog win – again!), ribbit Flip (Abby’s Lane), minky Preston’s Pants (used – ClothDiaperNation), periwinkle Happy Heinys (Franklin Goose gc, blog win from Coupon Mommy of 3), Katydid, root beer Rumparooz (blog win from Mama Dweeb)     ….second row is Baby Kanga repeats, and notice my nicely rolled wipes? fleece & flannel from WalMart.

5/5 …stash is (almost) complete!

L-R top row – 2 Tiny Tush Trim Hemp fitteds (both blog wins – The Cloth Diaper Report & Mini M&M’s), Bella Bottoms hemp & bamboo fleece fitted (Bella Bottoms facebook promo), red Tiny Tush Elite (blog win – Loving My Life), orange Baby Kanga, melon Katydid, orange Baby Kanga,  butter Fuzzibunz, vanilla GroBaby, white Haute Pocket, BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket (Diaper Junction‘s Cloth Diaper Blog win – i won two, the other was on the laundry), striped green&white sized AIO Bambooty – Australian diaper! (blog win from Hip Little One), baby blue Knickernappies (used from Earth Angels Diaper Co)

L-R bottom row, 2 black Baby Kangas, 2 root beer Rumparooz (2nd is from Rumparooz youtube promo), eucalyptus Applecheeks (Mothering Grace), meadow Thirsties duo diaper, ribbit Flip, green Tweedlebug, sage Fuzzibunz, grasshopper bumGenius, twilight Katydid, minky Preston’s Pants, periwinkle Happy Heinys, periwinkle Smartipants (used from Earth Angels Diaper Co), lavender Fuzzibunz (Diva Diapers newsletter win)

missing from the shoot – celery Incredibella (Bella Bottoms). Note that I switched to a wipes warmer. I struggled with sprays and peri bottles, only getting wipe solution everywhere, but baby is pooping more regularly now so I can keep them wet.


I’m sure you’ve noticed many of these are blog wins. I am so grateful for these because there is no way I could afford to buy a stash of pockets like this. I went with pockets because I needed an AIO type for the in-laws, but I didn’t mind stuffing (and yes, the AIOs I have do take more drying). Thank you to everyone who made this possible, I love cloth diapering, and so does hubby – he was just remarking today how changing cloth is not so “yucky” as changing a disposable! 🙂 And I think I won the in-laws over, and I’m sure to keep talking about them to friends and relatives.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. xenia
    May 23, 2010 @ 18:51:25

    Wow, that is such a great stash – I love that you have them so nicely color-coordinated! 🙂

    I think that’s fantastic that you were able to win so many blog giveaways. I’m probably a little biased having been both a winner and host multiple times, but there’s nothing better than receiving an email saying you won and then having a great item show up at your door. Good for you!


  2. Liz
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 02:24:59

    What a gorgeous stash! I love stash pics 🙂


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