I’m so glad you were born

(Cotton Babies essay contest)

To my little man, on my first Mother’s Day, and your six-month birthday,

The reason I love why you were born is because of who you are. I love watching your little personality develop and show itself. I love watching and learning about you. What you like, what you are intrigued by, what infuriates you. I love watching your little mind develop as it learns about the world around you, and how to interact with it. I love watching each step of progression, from learning to recognize things, to learning how to crawl.

You are quiet and observant, but you have your loud moments! You love sounds, you always have. From the crinkle of plastic to the raspberries you blow. You love being with people. And you especially love your Daddy, always have – since you first responded when he put his hand on your womb. You recognized his voice and his hand, and always moved towards him… but away from others! After your traumatic birth, you relaxed when Daddy put his hand on your head while you recovered in the NICU. You brighten whenever you see your daddy, and you love watching and being with him. But you did many of your firsts for Mommy, and that makes me happy. You first recognized me, reached out for me, and crawled to me.

I don’t know what your life will be like, but I hope it will be a good one. That no matter what troubles you go through, you will be a whole and happy person. I hope I can be a good mommy to you and that you will always know that I unconditionally love you. I hope I can help give you the tools to maximize your strengths and talents, and learn how to conquer or live with your weaknesses and faults.

I love looking at your eyes and seeing the person inside, and the love. I love how you already show us you love us, in your baby way. I love how gentle you are, and how expressive.

And I am loving your babyhood. The chubby cheeks and dimpled hands, the neck and toe lint-collectors. The smell of baby shampoo as you splash in the tub. The fun of dressing you in cute baby clothes as you progress from size to size. Discovering cloth diapers with you. Taking photoshoots with you until you burp all over your clothes. Discovering rain and snow, grass and wind. Getting down on the floor and just laughing with you. Or discovering toys with you. I’m looking forward as you get older to introducing you to more of this big world. Like zoos. And trains. And playgrounds.

I love being your mommy, and I’m so glad you were born. I love you.

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