some giveaways i’d love to win…

The Eco-Cheap Mom (Chanda) wrote a review on the Inspired by Finn Baltic Amber necklaces — I’ve heard the name but never knew what they are about. I am intrigued, and something like this would really help Nathaniel!

Another blog I just found today is also hosting a giveaway of Inspired by Finn necklaces:

And I just realized a favorite blog is also giving one away… almost missed this!

Another item I’ve been wanting to try is Angel Baby bottom balm. I’m also eying their products for a baby shower gift. 🙂
Again, Eco-Cheap Mom is hosting a giveaway of this bottom balm, sponsored by the EcoMom store:

Mommy Kat and Kids is hosting another Earth Mama Angel Baby giveaway, this time with three wins and three products:

And another blog I just found today is hosting a $25 gift certificate to Earth Mama Angel Baby:

And one of the very first blogs I started following is also hosting a $25 gift card giveaway, here:

My diaper stash is (almost) complete, but there still are diapers I so want to try. Among the top of that list is Tot Wraps

Again, Eco-Cheap Mom is hosting a giveaway here:

And Haute Tot & Baby Couture is hosting a giveaway of this too:

A diaper I KEEP hearing about – mainly in the form of “I would never give up my —” is sustainablebabyish. This is the first giveaway I’ve seen of their stuff:

Then there’s an intriguing diaper made of recycled stuff… such as plastic bottles. Very intriguing. Especially because everyone keeps
remarking how soft the diapers are! It’s called the Lollidoo.

Another diaper I’m highly interested in is the iCandy, again with a giveaway by Eco-Cheap Mom:

And a diaper that has caught my eye is the “i’m switching over my entire stash to these” GADs:

And then there’s the diaper that I bought one used, and am so eager to try more! Minky inside and out, and one of my most reliable diapers! I would love to have an one-size by Preston’s Pants!

And another blog “The B Keeps Us Honest” is giving one away here:

sorry this is not a more interesting or linkful blogpost. I have a headcold and baby is high maintenance.


Vote for my cutie?

Knickernappies is having its 2nd annual photo contest, and we just had our photoshoot. Vote for him, please? (vote by “liking”)

some favorite diapers

Been cloth diapering for a month now, and starting to learn what I like and can depend on. Rumparooz and Flip are two of my favorites, the others are WAHMs… Tiny Tush & Bella Bottoms.  All of these have been reliable, even for overnight. Flip is the most bulletproof, I think. And Bella Bottoms has a very innovative way to do rise on one-size. The next two reliables are Baby Kangas & Fuzzibunz. And I’m beginning to like Baby Kicks, even though I find I struggle with hip snaps. And I’m greatly looking forward to trying out Sew Natural Diaper Co.

I am wanting to try fitteds and covers for overnight. I’ve been eying Tiny Tush‘s trim hemp fitted and was excited to discover a giveaway through Tiny Tush’s facebook.

And another Tiny Tush Trim hemp fitted giveaway!

AND another!!


Here’s the picture in full: