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I started cloth diapering today.

The detergent arrived (Crunchy Clean… thanks for the fast shipping, Banana Peels!) and so i was finally able to prep my diapers. I couldn’t find much online about prep… so i just washed/rinsed/rinsed. I have two Katydids and one Fuzzibunz so far (more in the mail!). I fell in love with the Katydids online, but I think I might actually prefer Fuzzibunz. Time will tell.


I loved how Katydid sewed a label (all four sides) onto the inserts so it was easy to figure out which was which (fuzzibunz had a hanging tag like you have with everything).

The snaps on the Katydid were very easy to figure out, but the Fuzzibunz wasn’t, as it was a triangular setup.

The Fuzzibunz inside was definitely softer!

And the major difference for me? The rise. I had no trouble putting the first Katydid on (medium setting), and fortunately I read Beccalynn’s blogpost (link below) about the sizing of the thigh elastic before I put on the Fuzzibunz. I didn’t fully read the instructions (oops!) and assumed that “2” meant medium. I adjusted it to “3”, and it fit well when I put it on. But then when my husband put on theΒ  last diaper of the day, the other Katydid, we had troubles with the snaps, particularly the rise snaps. They kept unsnapping. :-/ I think I might have put the insert in wrong, so it might have been pushing against the rise snaps.

So, I think I really prefer the elastic adjusting of the thigh versus the snap rise, for one-size diaper. I tossed the diapers into the washer, and hopefully I’ll have them ready for another trial tomorrow, maybe try a night-time.

And now I want more Fuzzibunz!Β  Well, whaddya know. Beccalynn over at “Makin’ It” is kicking off a free shipping diaper shops event today (well, yesterday) and the first diaper is… yeah. I want.

Baby’s first cloth diaper!

I got my first package of diapers just a few days ago… but I refrained from tearing open the package because I was waiting, with baited breath I assure you, to hear whether Rumparooz selected me for the video journaling — I was applying for the “new to disposables” position. But nope, however much I hoped and crossed my fingers, I didn’t get the position and a complete stash of 24 Rumparooz! …How do you make Rumparooz plural? Rumparoozs? Rumparoozes? Rumparooz? The last, I’m guessing. Anyhow… Congrats to the Video Journal Families… and the upside to not getting selected? I get to try all sorts of brands! Although I am eagerly awaiting my first Rumparooz (still not arrived, but I’m sure they’ve been busy as heck!). Anyhowz…

I have several brands on their way to me, and Katydids were the first to arrive! I got these from and was happy with how quickly they arrived.

I’d been waking up at 8am for a week just to check to see if the Katydids were up that day!! Which doesn’t seem that sacrificing until I tell you that my husband is a night owl (he works afternoon/evening/night, so us getting to sleep by 3am is a good thing. and yes, we sleep till noon) and my baby is teething (read: bad sleep). Ever since I saw the Katydids on someone’s blog (can’t remember whose… there are several who featured them), I’ve drooled over them. It looks sleek, well made, and the colors are AWESOME!

So… :drumroll: …. now for pictures! Presenting baby’s first cloth diaper by:

I liked the feel and look. Figuring out the snaps was easy, although I bumbled about for a bit figuring out stuffing (remember, I’ve never even seen a cloth diaper before… ever since I pinned prefolds on my little brothers years ago). The colors are gorgeous (I got Twilight [pictured] and Melon)… The blue one looks especially wonderful on my son because they bring out his amazing eyes (he didn’t have mommy’s eyes, like he was supposed to. Instead he has grandpa’s eyes, which are prettier anyway. πŸ˜› ). I was disappointed to read on the box that they are made in China… but I understand several big name brands are.

Oh, he’s 4 months and 16 lb 4 oz.Β  So he’s on the medium setting. It seems right, but I won’t know! I played with the snaps and it looks like it will easily go from extremely tiny to a decent toddler size.

I showed him to his aunt, his primary babysitter (we live with in-laws until we can get a place) she liked the look, and remarked that she didn’t expect cloth to be that easy (she was envisioning pins). Here’s a picture that shows the fit around the (fat!) thigh:

After taking pictures (he burped after four shots, so that was the end of the photoshoot!), and showing his cute bum off to everyone, he got changed back to disposables… for now. Time for prep! The Katydid package didn’t give instructions for prep (although they did a wonderful job showing fit, snaps, inserts, and regular laundry care), so I’ll have to ask them. I can’t wait until I can actually try out cloth diapering, but I love it already. πŸ™‚

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