And so it begins…

…my diaper stash, that is.


will soon go on this:

Because of this:


I won a giveaway. :)

hurrah. i won the $50 gift certificate to Amon Maternity.

i really wanted to win this giveaway because of my postpartum pouch. 😛

so of course i got the bodyshaper. i also got the pregnancy band for future babies. 🙂

i look forward to getting them and checking out this bodyshaper… i hope it helps, i think it will. they both look very well designed and very supportive.

of diapers

:many hours and giveaways later:

i am beginning to wonder if it’s worth the time entering all these giveaways when i haven’t won anything yet. when is enough enough?

Either way… I think one of my  favorite blogs is

And Chari just put up today a giveaway of what might turn out to be the diaper I am looking for… Tot Wraps Dream Diaper… All in one, one size, all the features… and not terribly pricey.

And lots of colors. 🙂

cloth diaper giveaways

So now that Nathaniel is two & a half months old, I’m beginning to look into cloth diapers as planned. Sheesh… you can spend a lot of money that way! And since I’m already buying Luvs diapers at ($.16 per diaper) and Huggies wipes at Sam’s Club ($.02 per wipe), switching over to cloth isn’t automatically going to be cheaper.

Let alone I don’t know what to use yet.

Enter cloth diaper giveaways and crossed fingers.

Here’s my latest find:

I wish I may, I wish I might, Win a Diaper, Cuz Money’s Tight!

(yes, that was entirely corny. 😉 )