BumGenius Freetime Giveaway

Diaper Junction is giving away two BumGenius Freetime diapers this week! I would love to try them! The giveaway is hosted on one of my favorite blogs, Change Diapers. 🙂



12 Days of DiaperStyle giveaways!

Kinda late in posting this, but Diaper Style is hosting 12 days of giveaways on their blog. All the days are “over”, but the giveaways don’t close until the end of December, so you still have time to enter them all.

Day One is a grand prize of BumGenius products – an Organic AIO, a 4.0 pocket, a Flip, and BabyLegs! I really like my BumGenius products so far, and really want to try the 4.0.

Day Two is Raymond Clay Talc-Free Baby Powder… I haven’t used baby powder since diapering my little brothers, but this does look interesting!

Day Three is a PlanetWise wet bag. I have one and love it, and with another on the way I could probably use another!

Day Four is Happy Heiny’s Heiny Huggers, a sherpa fitted diaper. I didn’t like the regular pocket Happy Heinys, but I’m willing to give this a try.

Day Five is Punkin Butt Teething Oil. I haven’t tried teething oils or tablets, but I’ve heard this one recommended several times, so would love to give it a try!

Day Six is a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. I haven’t tried Bummis yet, but I do have their wrap ready to go for the one on the way, and am impressed with the quality of it.

Day Seven is a tie chair! Rather an innovative product and it reminds me of a mei tai carrier. This probably will come in useful once I have two to manage!

Day Eight is Applecheeks! I really like this diaper, it’s so soft and gentle. It doesn’t absorb much on its own, but it easily lends itself to doubling. And its recommended for newborns!

Day Nine is Earth Mama Angel Baby! I absolutely love this brand, and the baby bottom balm is a must.

Day Ten is Happy Heiny’s Hemp/Fleece Breast Pads. All I have is secondhand cotton ones, so I would love to try these, they sound so soft.

Day Eleven is a Melissa and Doug toy set. I’m not interested in this one, but that just means more chance for you!

And Day Twelve is a $25 gift certificate to their store!

Thanks for all the giveaways, Diaper Style!


Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaways!

So last night I took a breath and ordered (from amazon, had a gift certificate) the largest cloth diaper order I’ve ever done. 3 Thirsties duo covers (in size one of course, and trying out two of them in velcro, since newborn would be easier that way, and my velcro Thirsties has impressed me – never had laundry issues), 2 dozen Osocozy Better Fit infant prefolds, 2 snappis, and Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm. Less than six weeks until my due date, time to start preparing in earnest! I don’t have as many one-size diapers as I want yet (aiming for 40, have 33 at the moment), but with these prefolds, I should have enough diapers for both until s/he grows out of the newborn stuff.

And because I’m almost there, I’ll be ceasing giveaways soon, but I’m hoping for just a few more. And rather timely, there is a huge multi-blog cloth diaper event that just started today – Merry Fluffy Christmas, hosted by And Then There Were 4. Each giveaway is a multi-item package, and instead of listing all in each, I’ll just mention the ones I really want. 😉 And I won’t blog about every giveaway unless there is extra entries for doing so, the hostess excepted. If you look below the rafflecopter widget on any of these giveaways, they have listed all the giveaways participating… All 36. I’m going to be busy for the next several hours… 😛

And Then There Were 4’s gift package includes BabyKicks inserts and Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm – both I consider essentials. 🙂

Measuring Flower has  four different gift package giveaways, including a Motherease Wizard Uno cloth diaper, something I’ve been considering giving a try, a Rockin’ Green package, and a Thirsties package. I love my Thirsties.

A Nation Of Moms has a huge gift package, including packages from Earth Mama Angel Baby, Kissaluvs, and Thirsties!

Mama to 4 Blessings is giving away a $25 GC to Bouncing Babies… I think I would get a Flip with this, although a bumGenius is tempting!

The Anti-June Cleaver’s gift package includes Fuzzibunz sized – I’d be getting either an x-small or small, and Lulu’s in the Fluff – my detergent of choice. 🙂

Falling into Fluff event


I just stumbled across another cloth diaper event at a new (to me) blog, Eco Baby Mama Drama. The event starts soon (anytime?) and lasts into next month. Maybe by the time this event is done my stash also will be done… The count is up to 32 diapers now. I’m aiming for about 40, although a few more would be nice (I’ve heard 50 is good for two in diapers). Anyway, if you hurry, you can get extra entries too… Check it out!

Newborns and Cloth Event

One More Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Life With My Littles are about to start a Newborns and Cloth event! It starts November 11 and there will be over 25 prizes, done by the awesome rafflecopter format. Good luck!

diaper giveaways

Cloth Diaper Contests and Giveaways is hosting a Swaddlebees cover and prefold package giveaway. This kind of system has repeatedly been recommended for newborns, so while neither hubby or I favor prefolds, they’re cheap and durable! And I’ve always wanted to try Swaddlebees.

this week’s giveaways

Change Diapers (formerly Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, oh my!) is one of the blogs I have kept following and reading since I first discovered it, one of my favorites I’ve picked up along the way of delving into the cloth diapering world. I started following Maria soon after she started her blog and she is now celebrating two years of cloth diapering by giving away three BumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers. Honestly, I haven’t tried either the BumGenius 3.0 or 4.0 one-size, although I love the BumGeniuses I have tried (I have a solitary 3.0 sized, an Elemental, and several Flips). I am curious how it would compare and hold up against my two favorite pockets, Rumparooz and Tiny Tush. And even though Maria is only offering colors for this giveaway… I have my eye on that new Albert print. 😀  Geeky!

KAMsnaps is celebrating 2500 facebook followers and 400 twitter followers by giving away 3 KAM pliers for plastic snaps. I’d love to win one, maybe I could redeem some of my velcro diapers that are driving me crazy…

Softbums is one of those diapers I’ve avoided because it’s velcro (DH hates velcro and I’m not much of a fan either). But I’ve heard that Softbums is among the best that fit infants, so I might try it this time around.

Crazy4Fluff is hosting a Softbums Omni giveaway.

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